Hasana Editions

Indonesia-Based Record Label Hasana Editions Releases Two New Albums

Indonesia-Based Record Label Hasana Editions Releases Two New Albums

Hasana Editions is a new record label from Indonesia that focuses on sound art being made in the country. They released their first pair of cassettes early last month. They recently released their second pair of albums. The first comes from Yogyakarta-based artist Julian Abraham ‘Togar’ and is entitled Acoustic Analog Digitally Composed. It features 26 tracks that rhythmically reenact his sound installations. His installations “connect art, environment, science, and technology as new tools to engage and educate both the artist and the society.”

The second new album comes from Pontianak-based composer Nursalim Yadi Anugerah. His album is entitled Selected Pieces from HNNUNG. The label describes the release as follows:

Adapted from Kayaan people oral literature Takna’ Lawe’, HNNUNG is a chamber opera that amplifies the cosmic dramaturgy of Kayaan culture—in which the narrative of matriarchy is essential. HNNUNG the opera was performed by Balaan Tumaan Ensemble and Kerubim Choir using various instruments ranging from kaldii’ and sape’ to tenor saxophone and contrabass. For this edition, he selects nine recording pieces from his opera HNNUNG in the form of sonic-fiction—he lets his composition works as a narrator. 

Both albums can be streamed above via the label’s Bandcamp page. You can purchase the albums digitally on their respective pages. You can also purchase cassettes—limited to 100 copies each—on the label’s website here.