Ex-Nihilo Records Releases a Performance of Antoine Beuger's "Peckinpah Trios"


Ex-Nihilo Records has just released a new album. It's a performance of Antoine Beuger's "Peckinpah Trios" from Guillermo Torres (synthesizer), Tomás Gris (melodica), and David Area (sine waves). You can stream the full album above or on the Ex-Nihilo Bandcamp page here. The album is also available as a 'name your price' download. "Peckinpah Trios" was written by Beuger in 2004 and features 50 individual pieces. Each piece has one performer play three tones, one play two tones, and one play one tone.

In related news, Ex-Nihilo released a performance of Beuger's "monodies pour mallarmé" from Tomás Gris this past December. You can download and stream that recording here.