Diego Behncke

Diego Behncke Releases New Album on Gauss PDF, Soundtracked New Short Film Playing at Cannes


Chilean musician Diego Behncke recently released his newest album Alalia on Gauss PDF. It features twenty tracks of playful electroacoustic noodling and skittering noise. You can listen to the first track "00 Ormolu" above. The entirety of Alalia is available for free download on the Gauss PDF site here (direct download link here). All tracks are WAV files and the download comes with a .pdf file.

The 71st Annual Cannes Film Festival will be taking place next month. Included in the International Critics' Week section of the festival is a film from Felipe Gálvez named Rapaz. Diego Behncke created the soundtrack for the film. You can find more information about Rapaz here. Behncke has previously released albums on Speculations Editions and Presna Manual.