Brian Olewnick

Brian Olewnick's Just Outside Blog Returns

Earlier this year, Brian Olewnick announced his "virtual retirement from the music reviewing life." His Just Outside blog was an unquestionably important resource for numerous years. Considering the hiatuses of other blogs like Richard Pinnell's The Watchful Ear and Jesse Goin's Crow With No Mouth, Olewnick's announcement was all the more saddening. Today, Olewnick has revived Just Outside and if you visit the site, will notice a brand new review of Bryan Eubank & Stéphane Rives' fq (an album that I quite enjoyed as well).

On Facebook, Olewnick has pointed out that he had previously felt obligated to review albums that people had taken the time to send him  (particularly physical releases). Now, he will only be spending time reviewing records that "move [him] in one way or another." If you haven't already, make sure to add Just Outside to your bookmarks and/or RSS feed. Perhaps more than people may realize, voices such as Olewnick's are crucial for the vitality of this scene. Here's hoping more writers emerge and provide thoughtful insight on contemporary experimental music.