Arek Gulbenkoglu

Arek Gulbenkoglu Releases End-music

Last year, Australian musician Arek Gulbenkoglu released the incredible (but sadly overlooked) The Reoccurrence. It was an album I was particularly enamored with due to Gulbenkoglu's ability to remove himself from his material, allowing the various sounds and spaces he recorded to exist in a 'pure' state. He's just released a new album and it's entitled End-music. The press release for the album is as follows:

In the follow-up to The Reoccurrence (2015), Arek Gulbenkoglu presents End-music: a series of insular sonic imprints via use of tape deteritus, voice and abused electronics.
End-music continues Gulbenkoglu's fascination with sound at its most elemental level and comprises three sculptural pieces in which textures are examined from different angles, and threads are pulled bare. This is a transparent and tactile music that accumulates, shifts and contorts.

End-music spans a total of 42 minutes and, as with The Reoccurrence, is self-released and limited to a small run of 77 copies.  Copies of the album will also be available from ErstDist and Penultimate Press within the next couple weeks. The tracklist for the album is below.

End-music tracklist:

1. Cheap Talk
2. The Fodder
3. Interesting Rot