Angharad Davies

Text Realizations of Photographic Score by Angharad Davies in Newest Publication from Compost and Height

The newest Compost and Height publication is out now and is entitled Rydal Mount. The publication features text realizations of a photographic score by violinist Angharad Davies. The realizations come from artists and writers Neil Chapman, Holly Pester, and David Stent. An excerpt from the publication is below:

A workspace is demarcated as a white field bounded on four sides with a line of the finest width. Use the mouse to bring the cursor over that square. Right-click to mark a point then repeat the operation. Now there are two points. A vector appears between. Right-click again and another point connects to the last. In this way a simple wire-frame object is made. You will have noticed already that it is not stable in its position. The points drift and the vectors stretch and contract accordingly. These are slight movements with a random quality, movements like those of a body making itself comfortable, or the expressive movements accompanying speech.
-Neil Chapman

You can purchase Rydal Mount here for £5 + shipping.