Adam Asnan

Adam Asnan Launches AA-REC Project Which Features Recordings of Live Performances

Adam Asnan Launches AA-REC Project Which Features Recordings of Live Performances

Adam Asnan has launched a new project entitled AA-REC. The website currently features more than a dozen recordings of live performances that have taken place throughout the past couple years. The project is "dedicated to recording performances of Electroacoustic, Improvised and New musics of particular merit" and is "motivated by the belief that a recording is not simply the representation of an occurrence, but is an artefact of context and quality, with it's own value."

Recordings include performances from Bryan Eubanks, Joseph Foster, and Michael Thieke; Chris Abrahams and Phil Durrant; and Mario De Vega and Daichi Yoshikawa. Each recording is available for download in both lossy and lossless formats. Recordings are to be added to the site periodically, including those featuring "special collaborations."

Mappa Releases Adam Asnan's 'Carriers, PA'


Mappa is a new record label that launched last month with the release of Jeph Jerman's 34°111'3"N 111°95'4"W. They've just released a new album from VA AA LR member Adam Asnan entitled Carriers, PA. The title refers to two specific techniques that Asnan utilized on the album's six tracks:

Carrier (I-III) - Two interconnected ring modulators, recorded directly from the 'carrier' outputs - the internal signal used to modulate an external signal against, controlled with a potentiometer. For some reason, it bore a lot of inexplicable effects to that signal when patched in a particular way. 

PA (I-III) stands for phantom artefacts. It was a technique of sending phantom power to a device that also offered phantom power (which was powering a stereo pair of mics) and the subsequent 'electro-static' sounds that it would produced, and various recordings of amplified hum and detritus.

You can stream the album above via Mappa's Bandcamp page. There, you'll be able to purchase Carriers, PA—either digitally or as a limited edition cassette—as well as read more information about the album.