Akira Rabelais's 'Eisoptrophobia' Gets Reissued by Boomkat Editions


Akira Rabelais’s 2001 album Eisoptrophobia has been reissued by Boomkat Editions. The album was initially released on Ritornell, a sub-label of Mille Plateaux. It features recordings of pieces by Erik Satie, Béla Bartók, and Vincent Carté that were then transformed by Rabelais’s Argeïphontes Lyre program. You can listen to the album above via the artist’s Bandcamp page. The reissue marks the first time that the album has been pressed on vinyl. There is a limited edition run of 300 copies that were pressed on clear wax. Copies on traditional black vinyl are available as well. You can purchase the album here.

A1. Notturno
A2. Troisième Gnossienne
A3. Aphorisming, Second
A4. Rhythme Bulgare
A5. Aposiopesis
A6. En Y Regardant À Deux Fois
B1. Gymnopedie No. 1
B2. Gymnopedie No. 2
B3. Gymnopedie No. 3
B4. M2s Broken & Together
B5. Berceuse
B6. Bociumeana
C1. Cinquième Gnossienne
C2. Première Gnossienne
C3. Aphorisming, First
C4. Notturno (Lovely)
D1. Quatrième Gnossienne
D2. Aphorisming, Third
D3. À L'Orientale
D4. Impromptu In Second Person
D5. m2s M7s (Fragmented)
D6. Pe Loc
D7. Sarabande No. 2