Makoto Oshiro and Takahiro Kawaguchi Reissue Cassette Featuring ISSUE Project Room Performance


This past December, Makoto Oshiro and Takahiro Kawaguchi released a limited run of cassettes featuring a performance they had at Brooklyn's ISSUE Project Room in March 2016. They've just reissued the cassette in a small batch of 30. As before, the tape's B Side features remixes from Masahiko Okura, Giuseppe Ielasi, and Dawang Yingfan Huang. You can see an image of the colored cassettes above and the tracklist below. The tape costs ¥2000 and comes with a digital download code. If interested, you can order the tape directly from Makoto by emailing Act quick though, as he is approximately down to fifteen tapes at the time of this post.

Recently, Makoto recorded, mastered, and appeared on a new album from Kakudo Manami. You can find more information about that pop-leaning project here. You can watch a music video of one of the tracks here. Makoto does have copies of those CDs as well.

Makoto Oshiro/Takahiro Kawaguchi tracklist:

Side A:
1. Makoto Oshiro/Takahiro Kawaguchi
Recorded at ISSUE Project Room 2016 by Bob Bellerue

Side B:
1. Masahiko Okura Remix
2. Giuseppe Ielasi Remix
3. Dawang Yingfan Huang Remix