Hear Organized Musik From Thessaloniki's 10th Anniversary Mix


Organized Musik From Thessaloniki started approximately 10 years ago. So to celebrate, Kostis Kilymis has put together a mix of songs from the label's catalogue. Kilymis started the label initially to promote music that he and his friends were making. The label has gone on to release over thirty albums from other artists based in Greece and around the world. You can listen to the mix above and see the tracklist below.


OMFT 10 years anniversary mix tracklist:

Nzʉmbe - Aglaope
Yparxei Provlima Amalia - AIII Kona Kai
Seth Cooke - Weekend Soul Retrieval Workshop
Louie Rice - 45
Jack Harris, Samuel Rodgers - Wasted five years
Will Montgomery - Filtrate
Grisha Shakhnes - Air
Angelos kyriou - fouskes xwris anasa
Nick Hoffman - Love Triangle
Enrique R. Palma - Contenance
Yan Jun and Ben Owen - swimming salt 游泳的盐
Daniel Bennett - Tenenbaum
Kostis Kilymis - The Commons
Socrates Martinis - Under the arches of her voice words explode in blue sparks like gunpowder spilled on candles