Impulsive Habitat Releases New Album from Una Lee


Impulsive Habitat has released a new album from Una Lee. It's entitled in Transit: [& transitions] and is available for free download from the label's site here. This marks Lee's second release for the label; her previous album being Dah eum back in 2013. Lee said the following of the album:

When before and/or during traveling for work, not always feeling exactly excited, taking sound recordings or better described as listening to the environment through a sound recording device in a concentrated form is helpful to me in calming myself down and making me feel safe. This 31 minute long composition consists of 12 sound recordings taken over the course of 5 days in 3 countries, 6 cities and 3 houses between 2 homes of mine via 1 international airspace.
The recordings are primarily simply juxtaposed after one another, somewhat depicting the last intercontinental journey that I’ve made, which was long and subsequently made me restless.

The first third of the piece is rather contemplative and relaxed, in which I listen to the natural environment that surrounds one of the homes of mine. The later two thirds of the piece is busier, louder, more crowded, aurally describing the constantly changing, uneasy environment by comparison that one goes through when traveling far and/or for a long time. I close the piece with the sound recording of my environment when having arrived in my other home, which also concludes the journey itself.

The piece is not only about being on the road; en route; in transit: it is also about the transitions that tag alongside being in transit. Some transitions happen more sensibly, some others rather noticeably, and some at times rather unpleasantly. I intended that the transitions between the sound recordings within the piece do speak for themselves as well as on my behalf.