No Rent Records Releases New Album from Brandon Lopez


No Rent Records has released a new album from NY-based musician Brandon Lopez. It’s entitled The Church of Plenty, Empty and features four tracks of solo double bass performances. You can stream the album above via the label’s Bandcamp site. You can also purchase the cassette there or on the label’s official website (the latter is cheaper). As per usual, the tape is limited to 100 copies.

Lopez released his solo album quoniam facta sum vilis last month on Monofus Press & Astral Spirits. He also performed with Matthew Nelson, Andria Nicodemou, and Gerald Cleaver on The Industry Of Entropy, which was released back in January.

The Church of Plenty, Empty tracklist:
1. The Highpoint Monument
2. The Full of Good Ideas
3. This Land is Your Land
4. Main-Line Main-Land Christ-Child