Medicine's Brad Laner Announces New Cassette Series, Hear an Excerpt Now


Brad Laner, founder of seminal and influential shoegaze band Medicine, has announced a new series of releases entitled Ligaments. Ligaments is the product of Laner’s foray into modular synthesis. After creating dozens of hours of live improvisations that were influenced by various early electronic composers, he’s edited them down into concise pieces for Ligaments. Regarding the making of this series, Laner has stated that it has been a “therapeutic thrill during these queasy and uneasy times to be able to present an extended journey into pure sound to an audience that might not otherwise be subjected to such indulgences.”

Ligaments will be released both physically and digitally on February 15th via Captured Tracks. You can watch a video featuring an excerpt from Ligaments 01 below. The cassettes will be released in a limited edition of 100, all of which will be signed, numbered, and marked with gold stars. As a note, each cassette has unique artwork that was designed by Laner himself. Each volume of the Ligaments series also has corresponding videos that can rightfully be described as psychedelic. You can pre-order Ligaments on Laner’s Bandcamp page here.


Ligaments 01-05 tracklist:

1. Ligaments 01a
2. Ligaments 01b
3. Ligaments 02a
4. Ligaments 02b
5. Ligaments 03a
6. Ligaments 03b
7. Ligaments 04a
8. Ligaments 04b
9. Ligaments 05a
10. Ligaments 05b