Black Truffle Releases New Annea Lockwood LP Featuring Two Unreleased Works


Oren Ambarchi's Black Truffle label has released a new Annea Lockwood LP. It features "Tiger Balm", a composition that Lockwood wrote while living in the UK that was meant to explore "the possibility of evoking ancient communal memories through sound." Listen to the track below. The album is also backed by two unreleased works on the B side—"Amazonia Dreaming" and "Immersion". The former was composed in 1987 and is performed by Dominic Donato. On the track, Donato utilizes his voice and a snare drum to "evoke the nocturnal soundscape of the Amazon rainforest". "Immersion" was composed in 1998 and is performed by Frank Cassara. It's a more meditative piece for marimba, two tam-tams, and a gong. According to Lockwood, it "grew out of a fascination with the rich beating frequencies generated by long cluster rolls in the low register of the marimba and the interaction between the marimba and a quartz bowl gong tuned to F." You can purchase the LP now from Forced Exposure (US), Boomkat (UK), Bleep (UK), Kompakt (Germany), and A-Musik (Germany). The LP also comes with a score for "Amazonia Dreaming".