Jason Crumer's Ottoman Black Gets 10th Anniversary Cassette Reissue


No Rent Records boss Jason Crumer has reissued a tenth anniversary edition of his classic album Ottoman Black. The album was originally released on CD by Hospital Productions in 2018 and later on vinyl by Urashima in 2015. This new cassette comes with a six-panel J-card featuring extensive liner notes by Tom Grimley, Raymond Cummings and Christopher Sienko. These liner notes also appeared on the LP version of the album. Ryan Jencks also wrote liner notes for the LP version but they are excluded here due to space. You can stream the album above via the label's Bandcamp page. The cassette is limited to 200 copies and can be purchased here.

Ottoman Black tracklist:

A1. I. Town Crier
A2. a. News Rips Through The Community
A3. II. Self Deceiver
A4. b. Where Were You
A5. III. Betrayal After Betrayal
B1. a. After Betrayal
B2. b. After Betrayal
B3. 1. Nothing Could Have Stopped This
B4. IV. Pissed Off Response
B5. V. Certified Blue