Rhizome.s Releases Two New Albums


Rhizome.s has released two new albums. The first is entitled affinités sélectives volume 1 and features five tracks that span 68 minutes. The first four tracks—"Back Feeder I" through "IV"—is performed by Gaudenz Badrutt, Ilia Belorukov, and Alexander Markvart. The fifth track is entitled "Gezeugt" and is performed by Quentin Conrate, Matthieu Lebrun, Laure-Anne Pudbut, and Fréderic Tentelier. You can find more information about the album here.

The second new release from Rhizome.s comes from Morgan Evans-Weiler and is entitled iterations & environments. The album features two compositions, the second of which finds Evans-Weiler accompanied by Emilio Carlos Gonzalez. You can find more information about the album here. Both albums are available for streaming above and on their respective Bandcamp pages.

affinités sélectives volume 1 tracklist:

1. back feeder I
2. back feeder II
3. back feeder III
4. back feeder IV
5. gezeugt

iterations & environments tracklist:

1. iterations
2. environments II