Trichromatic Moiré Out Now, Features Tetuzi Akiyama, Sarah Hennies, Ryu Hankil, More


The Sonic Art Research Unit (SARU) have released a new album entitled Trichromatic Moiré. The title refers to a graphic score by Thomas Martin Nutt that several artists were then asked to interpret. The two-disc album features numerous artists: Tetuzi Akiyama, Sarah Hennies, Ryu Hankil, Samuel Rodgers, Joseph Clayton Mills, Sally Ann McIntyre (Radio Cegeste), and more. You can view the artists included on the album via the tracklist below.

More information about the album can be found on the SARU page here. You can purchase the two-disc CD there as well, which includes free shipping to anywhere in the world. A 49-minute realization of the score by Joseph Clayton Mills can be heard here. You can also read Sally Ann McIntyre's thoughts on the score here.

Trichromatic Moiré tracklist and track lengths:

1-1. Sarah Hennies - Untitled (10:55)
1-2. Shirley Pegna - Untitled (5:26)
1-3. Samuel Rodgers - Untitled (13:00)
1-4. Ko Ishikawa - Untitled (5:01)
1-5. Harriet Butler - Untitled (7:45)
1-6. David Lacey - Untitled (5:56)
1-7. Joseph Clayton Mills - Untitled (1:37)
1-8. Keiko Yamamoto - Untitled (4:10)
2-1. Rie Nakajima & Marie Roux - Untitled (2:06)
2-2. Ryu Hankil - Untitled (6:19)
2-3. Sally Ann McIntyre - Untitled (8:38)
2-4. Will Montgomery - Untitled (10:39)
2-5. Joseph Clayton Mills - Untitled (5:09)
2-6. Tetuzi Akiyama - Untitled (11:34)
2-7. Lo Wie - Untitled (text insert)