Lior Ashkenazy & Grisha Shakhnes Release Compilation of Live Recordings


Lior Ashkenazy and Grisha Shakhnes have released a compilation of live recordings aptly titled Selected Live Recordings 2011-2018. Shakhnes notes that while Ashkenazy is the artist he has collaborated with for the longest time, the two have yet to release an official album. As a result, he culled together three live performances featuring the two that he feels are particularly noteworthy. Shakhnes confidently states that these are among "the best sets [he] ever played, period." You can find more information about the release and download the full thing on the Bandcamp page here.

Selected Live Recordings 201-018 tracklist:

1. 2011.10.27
2. 2013.01.16
3. 2018.02.27 part 1
4. 2018.02.27 part 2