Jez Riley French Releases New Album salts | adagios


Jez Riley French has released a new album on his Engraved Glass label entitled salts | adagios. The album is comprised of five tracks which were recorded using contact microphones and adapted geophones. The tracks feature recordings of "architectural spaces resonating, being sounded by orchestras and ensembles playing re-scored sections of adagios". You can view the tracklist below.

The album is currently available for streaming at the label's Bandcamp page here. You can also purchase the digital album and the CD on the same page. As a note, the digital album comes with a 28-minute bonus track entitled "prelude". "prelude" was the earliest work in the series and dates back to 2015. 

salts | adagios tracklist:

1. tuning
2. adagio
3. soliloquy
4. returning
5. sostenuto