Marginal Frequency Releases New Albums from Howard Stelzer, Sandy Ewen & Chase Gardner

Marginal Frequency has released two new albums. One comes from a duo comprised of Sandy Ewen and Chase Gardner. It’s entitled Transfusion and runs 40 minutes across six tracks. The album is filled with pieces featuring found objects and extended guitar techniques that feel at once homespun and comfortingly peculiar. Tranfusion is accompanied by the following description:

Some sort of metallic liquid with unknown properties is transfused into the blood. It makes its way with a cold and questionable feeling throughout. Eventually it adjusts with the elements of its new abode and sets in. Outer layers are shed and bonds are tightly formed and shaped. Now amusing feats can be achieved with shiny metal covered on the inside.

The second album that Marginal Frequency has released comes from Howard Stelzer and is entitled Across the Blazer. The album was composed between 2015 and 2017 and features components that are taken from live performances throughout the US. Its two tracks are extended drone pieces, the second of which is comparatively noisy.

You can stream both albums above courtesy of their respective Bandcamp pages. Both are available as a physical CD. Transfusion can be purchased here. Across the Blazer can be purchased here. Both releases mark the first time that any of the artists have released something via Marginal Frequency.

Transfusion tracklist:
1. Circulation
2. Assimilation
3. New Skin
4. Molded
5. Mechanical Abilities
6. Sync

Across the Blazer tracklist:
1. Selective Memory (You Never Know Absolutely Quite Where You Are)
2. Across the Blazer