Dromos Recordings Release Gil Sansón's Immanence, a Life and Announce Upcoming Releases


Dromos Recordings have just released Immanence, a Life, the new album from Gil Sansón. The album appears on the Makam sublabel, which was started to focus specifically on realizations of composed pieces. Immanece, a Life was composed by Sansón in 2011 and was realized by Andy Graydon, Anne Guthrie, Ben Owen, Michael Pisaro, and himself. The album was recorded in multiple cities—Berlin, Brooklyn, Valencia, and Caracas—from 2011-2014. You can hear an excerpt from the album above. The press release for the record is as follows:

"[...] My intention when writing the score for Immanence, a life was to engage with one of Deleuze's main concepts, the field of immanence, and the piece is directly inspired on his last published essay, written shortly before his death and bearing the name Immanence: a life.

Participants are instructed to create the material according to the instructions, which call for "an organic silence", "a decomposed sound", "a sound intended as a spell", and other options offering as many possibilities as limitations, yet no univocal meaning. The only directives that can be called strict are the ones regarding durations and dynamics, and even those are not strictly notated. Participants respond to these conditions by coming up with sounds that will then be assembled into the final work, in a process that somehow resembles the layering of compost. Given that the material provided by the participants is created without knowledge of what the other participants are doing, each participant can only know his/her contribution at any stage of the process. This ensures both the high level of subjectivity regarding the instructions in the score and the immanence on a field of sound that the score aims for, with events following their own logic according to the attraction of individual sounds by way of affective qualities of these sounds, and a general lack of aesthetic consensus that mirrors any common life. Unpredictable, but with a hidden structure supporting it."

- Gil Sansón, Caracas, January 18, 2014

Immanence, a Life comes with liner notes from Manfred Werder. You can read more information about the album and purchase the CD at the label's website here.

There are also many other releases coming soon on Makam. Before the year ends, Sam Sfirii will release −273.15°C. The album will be comprised of eight pieces, one for solo performer, a duo, a trio, etc. until finishing with an octet. Along with Sfirri, −273.15°C will feature performances from Taku Unami, Kieran Daly, Otis Elevator (a Daly pseudonym), Jun Fukasawa, Luís Godoy, António Lages Ribeiro, and Paul R. Statham. The album is expected to be released late November/early December.

Next year, a Taku Sugimoto release entitled solo for guitar 1 will be released. The piece will be realized by Cristián Alvear. Also expected is a new collaborative release from Tomas Korber and Jürg Frey. More information on these albums to follow.