Gold Digging

Gold Digging 001: Passengers Of Time


Gold Digging is a new mix series on Tone Glow. To kick it off, I collaborated with a close friend who works under the pseudonym bloodmaw. He's an avid record collector currently residing in New York who has uploaded numerous mixes on his SoundCloud. We took some records from our personal collections and crafted a mix highlighting pop music from around the world — Brazil to Japan, Haiti to Korea, France to Indonesia. The first half is from bloodmaw, the second half is from yours truly. You can stream the mix above or download it here: FLAC or mp3. The tracklist can be found below. The cover is taken from "Fun to Run", a furnishing textile designed by Estelle Laverne in 1947.

Passengers Of Time tracklist:

Side A (bloodmaw):
Juan Valdés ‎- Tú Sabes Quien Soy
Pier Rosier Et Son Groupe Gazoline ‎– Ba Nou Lan Min
Chelique Sarabia - ‎Pasajero Del Tiempo
Piotr Figiel Ensemble - I Will Give Everything
The Main Attraction - Here We Are
Pinny Johnson - Take It Baby
Rodrigue Gauthier - Bon Conseille
Alibo - Jodi Jou
Craig T. Cooper - Quality Time
中森明菜 - 燠火
Cocteau Twins - Cherry Coloured Funk (Mark Clifford Remix)

Side B (Tone Glow):
Masashi Kitamura + Phonogenix - ヴァリエイション・IV
권영후 / 이덕화 / 이보희 - 긴 그리움
Naomi Akimoto - Tennessee Waltz
Detty Kurnia - Abang Payah
Andreas Hofer - Untitled
Siassia & Talk - Escale (Bolingo)
Ti-Fock - Sokouye
Tanya Saint-Val - Kon Sa
Haira - Proxima Du Centaure
Alcides Neves - Desencontro Das Aguas
Jardin Exotique - As Flores
Barbara Ward Farmer and the Wagner Alumni Choir - Peace In Heaven