Sean Colum

Sean Colum Releases New Works, Including a Performance of Antoine Beuger's Sekundenklänge


Tokyo-based musician Sean Colum first came to my attention via Guitarhis release on Speculations Editions last year. It was a short but memorable album which found Colum playing guitar in his room as sounds from outside his window—sirens, insects, birds—crept in. The results were surprisingly charming and I spent quite a few late nights in 2015 listening to it. After the release of Guitar, Colum went on to self-release a few works on a now-defunct Bandcamp page. You can listen to three older Colum tracks above.

He's now moved everything to his own Tumblr page. There, you can find Dropbox download links to numerous works, including some from 2015 that weren't previously available via Bandcamp. Perhaps more interesting, though, is a '2016' link with two folders. The first is a recent recording of Antoine Beuger's "Sekundenklänge (Some Sounds, Just Seconds)" while the second is a collection of eleven improvised pieces performed on guitar. You can listen to an excerpt of the former above.